I fell down a collection of stairs last night. It was brutal. What seemed at least 10 or 12 steps was probably only 5 or 7, but nonetheless, I did manage to mark myself harshly on my right ankle, the right anterior of my right thigh, and there’s a sore strawberry tinted dash across the right part of my back. Although, I am very grateful for keeping my head held up the entire way down… How unfortunate it would have been to hit anywhere on the right side of my head. Not pleasant.

After being gently lifted by my dear, close friend back to standing position, all I could think was one thought–

Out of all the times I have nearly fallen but hadn’t, when I finally do take that amazing plunge, why must it be when I am wearing a skirt? Honestly. Why?

Perhaps this very miniscule blow happened to prepare for me for what might possibly come on Saturday.

Beginner snowboarding.

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