Nothing really exciting happened today. The only thing that I can think of that brightened it up a little bit was when I got home from my English 101 class this morning and decided to redecorate my car. It once belonged to my sister until my dad decided to take it back and give her my cute, blue toyota Corolla. O, how I miss “the duck”… Technically, my dad has permitted me to use this car, but I basically consider it to be mine. Until he fixes up our run-down isuzu Trooper, these keys won’t leave my fingertips. So basically I stripped it of everything this morning. Of the torn up seat covers, the hawaii necklaces hanging from the rearview mirror, the trash, the clothes, the CD’s, and everything else you may find under the seat in your car. I got the ultra-suck-vacuum out too and gutted that baby of every grain of sand, dirt, dust, pollen, and doodoo of any kind! It was kinda fun to see what the car looked like without all the garbage. I even took a bottle of 409 and handwashed every window, inside and out. It looked so nice. It looked really different. But I finally felt like this car no longer had the name “Cassie” branded on it’s side. Suddenly, I felt the car was fitted for myself. It was clean. I still can’t get the dumb stickers off the back window and bumper, but I’m not so concerned about those.

My best friend’s birthday is coming up this Saturday, (December 1), and I’m not so sure what to buy her. You’ll never guess what we’re doing– that’s right! Ice skating! It was my idea, of course! When I mentioned it, she thought it was an awesome way to celebrate her birthday. Plus, she and I got a lot of practice in this last Friday. I’m thinking I’m going to get her the new relientK CD, “Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek” and something else equally cool. I’m just not sure what’ll be yet.

We have now reached 36,000 feet. If you look to your left, you’ll see… Whatever you want to see! I don’t care! Use your imagination!

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