White Light and Forthcomings

Although I’m bummed about losing the golden hour with the arrival of Daylight Savings, I am thrilled with the white light that can be found early in the morning. Not to mention, the gorgeous frost that hangs on until 10am. I’ve done a few morning sessions now and they are so worth the painful grogginess when you first wake up.

Additionally, I’m having fun adding things to my list of Resolutions! The only problem (if one considers it a problem) is the great majority of them have to do with my business. But I think anytime you own a growing business, there’s a million things you always want to improve upon, so there’s a never ending stream of things you want to update, change, add, and on and on… Sigh… It’s just fun to dream really.

I guess I know what I should add to the list…

Anyway. Here’s one I snapped during a family session this morning. Frosty twiggies that make you happy.

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