What’d I tell you?!

George’s NEW Tool Box!
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Remember when I said the next time I talked about this, I’d tell you that we’d have George’s tools back and blah, blah, blah? Well!

These are George’s new tools. When his original tool box–a gift from my dad last Christmas–was stolen out of my car after a visit to the mechanic, we filed a small claim and took it to court. The mechanic actually showed up to the court date and we settled for $400, which we took to Sears and used to replace all the tools George had before AND MORE! Because Sears was having a Craftsman sale!

So, like I said before… This is the second time I’ve mentioned this and it’s just to report that we WON and we definitely learned our lesson! And please, learn from our mistake, and don’t leave ANYTHING of value in your car when you leave it in a place where someone has access to the keys!

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