We’re Moving Back!

We’re Moving Back!
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That’s right, kids! I’m heading back to my old apartment! I moved into a house with two other girls and we’ve lived together just shy of a year. But now that I’m getting married, it’s time to "set up house" in a single bedroom apartment! I’m so glad to be going back to this building. It’s a highly coveted place to live and very difficult to get into, but since I’ve made friends with many of those who live there, we had an "in" when one of those friends told us he was moving to Tampa! Oh, and did I mention it’s the best room in the building? It has the best layout out of all of them. Although, we have another friend who lives in the apartment upstairs and we might eventually take it so we wouldn’t deal with any of the noise that can take place. I’m just so excited, I might explode!

This coming week is our spring break and we’ll be utilizing the time to pack and move our stuff over. I bought a couch from my assistant manager for $50–it’s big, red, comfy, and totally retro.

I’m really starting to get excited for married life. George is going to be so fun to live with, let alone be married to. We’re always playing and planning things to do together, even if it’s just staying up late to watch movies. But he’s also an avid cook and I’m looking forward to creating fun meals together and eventually, doing our laundry together, out of one basket!

Depending on how soon I get the house put together, I’ll take pictures. But if we end up moving into the apartment upstairs, I’ll wait until then. In the meantime, keep us in your prayers. Moving, school, and work are quite difficult to coordinate and organize when they’re all happening at once. Thanks in advance!

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