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Today was ridiculously fun. I went roller skating. That’s right! It was old school! And I got blisters! I can’t believe roller skating was so much more challenging than any time I’ve roller bladed or ice skated. Try turning on those things! It’s not nearly as easy to do as with roller blades, with wheels in single file that make smooth, curvy corners as pleasant as eating cake!

Of course, Mr. PerfectAtEverything, could skate laps around me–but didn’t because he’s nice like that–as well as occasionally performing this nifty thing where he would turn around in a beautiful twist, gliding gracefully backwards across the hardwood floors. All the while I maintained focus, trying not to trip over my left toe, which had a strong, impulsive desire to collide into my right toe on a constant basis.

I fell at least seven times. Which was new for me, and I liked feeling something different! It’s not often I think to myself, Wow! I’m really bad at this! And I liked that. It made me appreciate the things I am good at. And it made it a lot easier to laugh at myself when I fell flat on my face.

However, I do have to give myself a little bit of credit. I should have figured George would be great at all that stuff anyway. Just the night before, we were hanging out in the parking lot in front of Subway and he was doing flips and landing on his feet and springing into handstands and breaking into sprints, like he did when he ran track in high school… It was really fun to watch.

I know incredible people.

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