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Well, we had our first EastLake Photography Growth Group meeting today and I have to say, it was pretty freakin’ fantastic. Everyone was so cool and relaxed. I mean, I know how sometimes, people leading a group or workshop will say, “Yeah! Everyone in my group was awesome!” but secretly, they want to say, “Mostly everyone in my group was awesome…” But seriously? Everyone in my group was awesome! I couldn’t have imagined a better first meeting. Thanks to everyone who came out!

So because it was our first meeting, we didn’t really do a whole lot of photo-taking. Especially since it’s been snowing for the past three days straight. However, we did venture outside for about five minutes where I made the group take a picture of me (acting a fool, of course). I have a feeling a lot of wacky pictures of me are gonna end up on Facebook in the next few weeks… Oy vey.

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