Vine + Flourish Fall Workshop with Kristen Marie Parker and Carly Bish


Earlier this year, my friend Kristen Marie Parker and I hosted our first workshop ever called Vine + Flourish. Kristen and I have known and grown each other over the years as friends and photographers and we’ve learned a lot in the time we’ve built our individual businesses. We helped each other when times were tough, inquiries were slow, and inspiration was lacking from being overworked. We turned to each other for advice and encouragement and one day, we had the brilliant idea of sharing what we’ve learned with anyone interested in growing their creative business and pursuing a work-life balance.

We had so much fun in May, we knew we’d have to do it again after our season slowed down. As wedding and portrait photographers, we experience peaks and lows in every season and believe it’s crucial to regularly find ways of rejuvenating the creative part of our brains in order to make art we’re proud of and avoid the “crash and burn” of a busy, nonstop season.

For many of us, fall doesn’t just bring chunky sweaters and pumpkin spice… It can also bring exhaustion and an overwhelming desire to never touch a camera again. When you’re a small business owner and your future success rests on your shoulders alone, it can be very hard to strike the balance in our work life and our desired life merely because of fear. Kristen and I want to squelch the fear in the life of your business and give you a sense of joy and aspiration that you never lose the passion for what you do and why you do it.

In May, we took our attendees on a city-based adventure to a rooftop overlooking Seattle. In November, we’ll take our attendees on a more rustic endeavor to add some gorgeous nature to their portfolios. Additionally, we’ll cover a variety of subject matter in my studio located in downtown Seattle.

Here’s what Kristen had to say over on her blog…

“We’d love to teach you all about client interactions, generating a strong portfolio, e-mail organization and how to get to those e-mails in a timely manner, organizing your work day to get things done efficiently, how we shoot and see light and emotion as well as streamlining your workflow to get images edited through lightroom and uploaded to their gallery. Not to mention, we’ll be providing a live shoot with a real couple in a PNW location (trees! look outs! mountains!) to show you just how we get those images we do. We want to challenge you to get those difficult city shots, to see lines and light and make a busy location work for your imagery.”
Photo by Carly Bish Photography, sm_vine-flourish-may24-carly-bish-photography-6 Photo by Carly Bish Photography, sm_vine-flourish-may24-carly-bish-photography-14 Photo by Carly Bish Photography, sm_vine-flourish-may24-carly-bish-photography-30 Photo by Carly Bish Photography, sm_vine-flourish-may24-carly-bish-photography-41 sm_vine-flourish-may24-carly-bish-photography-88 sm_vine-flourish-may24-carly-bish-photography-58 Photo by Carly Bish Photography, Photo by Carly Bish Photography,

So please, join us on November 2nd in Seattle for our second Vine + Flourish workshop. Limited seats available, so register while there are spots open! We look forward to seeing you there!

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