Vine + Flourish / Fall Workshop Review + Spring Dates Announced!

Sometimes, I recall the first wedding I ever photographed in 2006… I used a Canon PowerShot, which took four double-A batteries and came with a 16 megabyte sandisk card. Just about everything went wrong technically — my batteries died just before the ceremony started and I kept running out of space on the card, so I was deleting not-to-par photos as I went along. But at the end of that first experience, I knew one thing — I loved what I had captured.

In the years since that first wedding, I’ve learned so much about staying inspired and allowing my clients to be the source of that inspiration. Along the way, my dear friend Kristen Marie and I would regularly turn to each other for advice and creative rejuvenation. So last year, we decided to put our heads together and host a seasonal workshop, Vine + Flourish, that would allow us to share everything we’ve learned with others who seek that same kind of inspiration and positive client relationship.

We hosted our first workshop in the spring and then again in the fall. We met attendees hailing from our very own neighborhoods as well as artists who traveled in from all over the country! The grace, enthusiasm, and joy brought to the table by everyone who attended, as well as those who collaborated with us, was so exciting for Kristen and I, we knew we wanted to do this again.

This time, we’ve decided to extend Vine + Flourish into a two-day event (since we struggled to end our talks before midnight at the last two), so we can really take our time sharing and diving into the beautiful parts of running a business and creating imagery that feeds the soul.

Join us May 9th and May 10th in Seattle for our next big event! Cost is $1250 and seats are limited! Go to to read more!

The following are photos taken from our fall workshop. Heaps of gratitude must be doled out to the following people who helped us with this gorgeous collaboration!

Sara Jane Camacho of Thatch Floral, for the unbelievable table, mobile, and floral design.
Field North for the gorgeous, custom dining table.
Blue Box Bakery, for the perfectly matched cake to our inspired table.
Libby Tipton, for her gorgeous paper goods.
Megan Bingham of Off White Beauty & Makeup for doing an incredible job on Rachael.
The Dress Theory, for loaning us the gorgeous Alexandra Grecco skirt.
And to Rachael + Keith, our real-life couple, who absolutely killed it for us that day.

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