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Okay, so the obvious question is why do I have a soapy dish scrubbing brush on my blog, on Valentine’s Day, or even, at all? To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure. I was washing dishes just a few minutes ago and I realized that I’ve owned this scrubby brush since before I moved here five years ago. When my parents knew that I was moving to the south and there was nothing that would change my mind, my mom bought me some household appliances to take with me, including this brush. I still have the the dustpan and hand-sweeper, too. I started thinking about this silly household item and realized it was in remarkably good shape. The white handle is still white and the blue bristles are still a vibrant blue. Despite the number of dirty pots and pans I’ve shoved it into, it’s really maintained it’s integrity! I mean, five years for one dish scrubbing brush is a long time, if you ask me! And there’s no way I’m getting rid of it any time soon. I plan on packing it up and taking it back with me to Seattle in May, along with brother dustpan and sister hand-sweeper, too.

I’m not trying to be all deep and metaphorical. If you read back in the years before I moved here, I would have definitely taken it to that level. But I won’t do that this time. Basically, I’m only bringing it up because I’m home alone on Valentine’s Day while my hard-working husband is pulling a double-shift at Starbucks to bring in a little extra income, something I never asked him to do but he did because he takes care of me and us and I can’t love him enough for it.

Today, I find myself particularly grateful, even while times are tight and  holidays like today aren’t always experienced in the way they are originally intended. I’m thankful and appreciative and supremely blessed because I’ve lived five years in a place that never felt like home, but like my soapy dish scrubbing brush, I’m still in remarkably great shape. Most would say I’m in even better shape, actually, both physically and mentally. Yeah, okay, so I went there…

Anyway. I hope everyone is feeling as happy and blessed on a day like today. Even if you’re single and don’t have a date, don’t really think about the fact that there’s no one to cuddle with at the end of today. Think about all the little things that the people in your life, the ones who already love you dearly, do for you all the time. You’ll like Singles Appreciation Day much better then.


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