It seems that God is drawing my heart away from this place. I can feel Him tugging at me, as if warning me to stay alert and watch for His signal. If I speak metaphorically, I’d like to say I’m a surfer floating in the ocean, waiting for that perfect wave to carry me back to shore. I’m watching for it, whatever “it” may be.

I’ve been teetering between possibilities. I’m tempted to take a semester off from Lee so I can work more hours and do fun things in my off time. But losing that momentum really makes me hesitate because I want so badly to graduate. I’m 22 years old and approximately three or four semesters behind all my closest friends, most of whom already graduated. Haven’t I wasted enough time?

My wish is to end this brief post with some kind of absolute. Either I will or I will not take a semester off. But nothing is certain right now, this moment. I’m praying and seeking. I’m watching.

And I’m waiting…

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