Taylor | 2011 Senior Rep Model

I am falling in love with these girls and their families! Taylor, her mom, and younger brother met up with me at the Swink Style Bar in Seattle (thanks to Michelle Moore for the blog tip!) for a fun afternoon photoshoot and we had a blast! We left Swink and showed off on the streets of Seattle, much to the tourists’ delight, and eventually made our way to Discovery Park where Taylor worked it!

OooooOoooOOoooh! Where do I begin with this girl?! Mmm… Methinks her SMILE is a good place to start!

Oh my gosh, I’m SO hilaaaaaaaarious!

Taylor, I love your eyes. And your smile kills me. Oh, and your skin is flawless. Oh, forget it! I LOVE YOUR FACE!

That’s all, folks!

Oh wait! One last one! Gotta love random Subway workers stepping in for a quick photo? Taylor–you’re so classy and you go with the flow! You’re going to have a great senior year! There’s no doubt about it!

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  • Otto Rascon says:

    Nice work Carly! This looked like an incredibly fun shoot. Way to bring out her liveliness and energy. Rock on!

  • Kathy says:

    I’m with Otto! The energy is great! This girl has a beautiful spirit and you captured it! My favorites are the ones of her laughing! Really fun!

  • Carly, this session is AMAZING! You are UBER talented!!

  • Faith says:

    The 3rd one up from the bottom is my fav….her eyes look like amber glass or something….great shot. She’ll appreciate these for years to come…beautiful work Carly 🙂

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