Sylvia + Derek / Engagement at Discovery

SM_Derek-Sylvia-37BW SM_Derek-Sylvia-52 SM_Derek-Sylvia-49 SM_Derek-Sylvia-60 SM_Derek-Sylvia-79BW SM_Derek-Sylvia-87 SM_Derek-Sylvia-96 SM_Derek-Sylvia-112 SM_Derek-Sylvia-121 SM_Derek-Sylvia-122 SM_Derek-Sylvia-133 SM_Derek-Sylvia-144 SM_Derek-Sylvia-145 SM_Derek-Sylvia-148BW SM_Derek-Sylvia-165 SM_Derek-Sylvia-163BW

My gear is packed and I’m dressed fancy to document the will-be-beautiful wedding of these two today!

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