Storyboard, Part Two | Mercer Island, WA

Establishing good relationships with people and wedding vendors I can trust is a pretty big deal. Being able to say confidently to brides, “If you’re looking for a _______, you should definitely check out _______,” is such a relief, both for me and the bride. Because every now and then, you encounter someone who works in your professional realm and they’re just awful. Either they don’t know what they’re doing or they make the wedding day about themselves (it’s not, by the way) and they generally make enemies of everyone around them because they’re downright unpleasant.

So I’ve found a group of vendors that have their shiz together. They care about their clients and their work while maintaining a down-to-earth, carefree approach to their business. And believe me, when it comes to planning your wedding, you want as many calm, zen-like people around you as possible. Don’t just assume that because you’ve hired a professional who has mastered their craft to also mean they are kind, patient, or even care about you or what you want. Take the time to get to know the people who are going to be working for you. Invite them for coffee, email them regularly just “to check in”, and always, always, always listen to that gut instinct of yours. Those tiny red flags that go off in your mind are there for a reason.


So yesterday, I met up with a handful of my favorite wedding professionals and we put together a second photoshoot. The first one took place in September, so when our model, Stephanie, flew up from California for Thanksgiving, we decided to throw together a last-minute shoot while she was here. Everyone was on board and we put together a pretty special series. While we are still going with our Pirates of the Caribbean theme, I mostly wanted each person involved to let their creative voice shine. This time around, we dared to venture outside. We were a little nervous because it had snowed quite a bit that morning and it was still pretty cold. Not to mention, one of the wedding gowns was a shorty! But Stephanie was a trooper and in the end, I think we walked away with some lovely images.

If only it would stay light past 4:00pm, because I could’ve gone for hours and hours…

Photography – Carly Chaney, carlybish photography
Makeup/Hair – Shyn Midili from Pacific Artistry
Flowers/Styling – Geneva Sipes from Geneva Diane Designs
Catering – Kimm Moore from Sweetness Catering
Gowns/Accessories – LaBelle Reve in Bellevue, WA
Boots – Nordstrom

A couple getting ready shots. Stephanie looked like someone out of classic glam Hollywood! And she was HOT!

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