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I thought I’d share some of the pictures taken from the “Spread the Love” workshop I went to in Nashville. It was held inside Jeremy Cowart‘s Factory studio in Franklin, Tennessee. Of course, I was a little eager to maybe see or even meet Jeremy, but that guy is go, go, go all the time. I mean, if you follow him on Twitter, it’s hard to keep up with him sometimes. He has so many ideas all the time! I don’t know how he does it! He’s probably one of my greatest inspirations. Big man, bigger heart. But of course, he was not there at the Factory, but still! It was pretty darn cool to see where he does some of his studio work! I mean, more than cool really, but… Anyway.

These pictures all came from Justin&Mary Marantz’ blogsite. I took my camera with me but I was far too busy absorbing information and not being able to write things down fast enough!

Yup. The above picture is of Tiffany Zajas and myself. I believe we were raising our hands to answer “yes” if we had a blog.

Again, this was a really wonderful experience. More than anything else, I left feeling so encouraged. I don’t talk or write about it much but owning, managing, and running your own business is so overwhelming. When I first started this journey, I questioned whether or not I was up to the task. But something inside me said that I was up for it. Not only that, but I was made for it.

My personal journey is a little different than most. Obviously, George and I are preparing for a big move. One that spans more than 2600 miles. We’re leaving the South and heading to the Pacific Northwest—Seattle—where my family waits for us. This has been a long time coming. More than five years, in fact. I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever… But it was all worth it in the end. Lots of good, great, and fateful things came from moving here. And for that, I’m so thankful. But with such a big transition, there will be changes in how I run my business as well. I’ll be entering into a much more competitive market, for starters! But I feel ready. And this workshop really showed me how ready I truly am!

So if you’re near any of the cities that Justin&Mary will be passing through, I really suggest you take the time to sign up. And bring a notepad! Because there is a lot of information to jot down! You can buy your ticket from Justin&Mary’s blogsite here.

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