Speaking of Ground Hog’s Day…

Real Snow!
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The picture was taken on February 2nd. I woke up that morning and the biggest flakes of snow I’ve seen since 2004 were looking for places to land. I had the day off too, so I thoroughly enjoyed lying in bed until the wee hours of the afternoon, playing with my camera and watching the view outside. It was not a typical sight considering how often we associate “Ground Hog’s Day” with routine and repetition.

Most days, I function the same way. I wake up, I eat breakfast, I go to class or I go to work. Sometime during the day, I visit the gym. I eat five small meals throughout the day. I see George at the end of the night, after he gets home from work, we watch something we DVR’d and then we go to bed.


And I don’t really mind being on this daily route of activities. As far as I’m concerned, I see the light at the end of the tunnel; Seattle is in sight. Meanwhile, I’ve made myself into my own personal project. I’m working on myself. I’m improving. I’m discovering what I’m capable of, which turns out to be a lot more than I ever thought!

In just over three weeks, George and I will fly back to Seattle. Our first visit in just over one year. We were in Seattle last year during spring break and we’ll be there again this year. It’s going to be a bit crazy this time around. One, because the last time I saw my one and only darling niece, she was three months old. This time, she’s going to be one year and three months old! Quite the difference! And two, no one has seen me since I started personal training in August. That’s seven months of working out diligently! I’m very curious to whether family or friends will notice the change in my form. Sometimes, I think I notice it in myself, other times, I wonder where there’s change? Either way, I really hope they’re impressed with my progress. I thrive on good feedback. George gives it to me all the time–which I love!–but he sees me everyday. It’s different when it’s said by someone you haven’t seen in a long time!

And I’m not sure how to tie in the rest of what I want to say, so I’m just going to make a list of random things:

– This past Sunday, we had our friend Robert come over for breakfast. He was only there for about 30 minutes, but in that short amount of time, we had a really nice talk, laughed, and shared some thoughts about God and I really felt connected. It was SO nice!

– Someone I only “kinda” know tagged me in a note on FaceBook about lukewarm Christians and I got really defensive based on a past conversation this person and I had. At first, I was really angry and offended and now I just feel guilty.

– I was sick with walking pneumonia about two weeks ago, but I’m still going to go through the 5K I signed up for on February 28th.

– Our friend Josh (aka “Utah”) flies in for a visit tomorrow and will stay with us for about six days! I’m excited to hang out with a good friend.

– So I guess that’s mostly it. I’d like to vent more frustrations, but I’m afraid of who reads this, so I’m done for now.

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