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More Engagement Photos 6.
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We had more pictures taken with Sara and I’ve posted them on flickr, if you care to take a look. They’re a lot of fun, especially the “George-falling-off-his-skateboard” series. Sara will be doing the pictures at our wedding, which makes me very excited because her pictures are so unique and different from anyone else I’ve seen.

In other news, it’s been very exciting the last few weeks in preparation to leave for Seattle. This last week is going to be the most exciting because we’ve got a couple hefty things on our “to do” list. Like moving into the upstairs apartment this Friday, packing for our trip, and leaving everything satisfactory for the friend who has offered to apartment-sit for us while we’re away.

All in all, it’s been very busy, but a very happy time. I would write more often if we had Internet access at the apartment, but we don’t. So I have to come to school, but I can’t get here everyday. When we get to Seattle, I might have more time to write. And when we fly back to Tennessee, we’ll be gaining Internet access and I’ll continue to write more.

George and I will both get promoted in August, after we get back–this has been highly anticipated. We’ve been with Starbucks nearly two years and we’ve paid our dues.

Ah, yes. And before I forget, several people have asked me where George and I have registered. At first, I was very resistent to the whole “registry” idea because I really dislike shopping. Some girls love to go “shopping,” even when they have no intention to buy anything. If I have no money, I don’t like to go “shopping” since I know I’ll only be depressed about the things I can’t actually afford. The idea of “gift registry” gave me the same sort of feeling. So I avoided it for quite a while. But after George finally got me to try it, my mind was completely changed. It’s not the same as “shopping” when you have no money. It’s “shopping” with the actual possibility that some of this stuff might actually be yours! So it ended up being a lot of fun and we’ve gone to quite a few different places now.

My favorites have been Bed, Bath and Beyond (registry #2892399), Target (registry #010003993250301), and Crate&Barrel (registry #1588184). But we’re also registered at Kohl’s, Sears, and JCPenny. We also want to go to Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn, and Macy’s but there aren’t any of those in this area. We may have to wait until we get to Seattle to actually go there. It feels so greedy, but I love it all at once.

We’re so excited to leave next Tuesday. We both start working at Starbucks that following Thursday. We’ll be making Seattle-rate pay (a lot more than what we make now) and we’ll hopefully come back with a lot of it saved. This has been such an amazing year. I can’t imagine what’s to come, but I have a pretty good feeling about it.

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