So I’m Kind of Excited.

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I have this feeling like summer is going to fly by. What with summer school, and cross-cultural trips, and work–I really think it’s going to feel like it’s over before we even realize it. And that makes me excited because then, fall semester will start, and thus begins the beginning to the end of my college education. Although, I do plan on taking a class or two post graduation (to finish my writing minor), I will otherwise have my degree and won’t have to bother with it anymore.

After I graduate, I’ll finally be able to work more, save more, and possibly pursue the things I’m more passionate about. Like photography. I’m going to save for the widest angle lens on the market and tackle real estate photography–inspired by my sister, who is a real estate agent in Seattle–and see if I can supplement my income substantially. Eventually, when George has finished school, I hope to have saved enough for us to cover the expense of moving back to Seattle. Right now, I’m estimating it to cost somewhere around $5000 total. And that’s if we move straight into an apartment instead of moving back in with my parents first. I might make $5000 the goal and still move back in with my parents, just to get on our feet first. They’ve acknowledge that it’s a likelihood but we all know none of us want it to be for very long. I love my parents and they love me, but we like our privacy and space.

I know where we’ll be moving to and I’ve scouted a number of Starbucks in the neighborhood, where I can eventually transfer. The location is about 15 minutes from my parents’ house, about 15 minutes from Seattle, and literally down the street from the local Park&Ride bus station.

I’m just excited about it. I’m thrilled that I can start making plans now. Even though it’s still a solid year and a half or more away, we’re going to get the ball rolling now so by the time George has finished with school, we’ll only need to tie some loose ends and then head out west.

I came out here in October of 2004 and probably won’t leave until winter of 2009 or summer of 2010. I have learned a lot about myself and I was definitely meant to be here. But I’m tired and I’m hungry for something new and even though we’ll be going back to Seattle, I know it has a brand new chapter to offer our lives. And for that, I am kind of excited.

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