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I’m a firm believer in sharing information and business strategies with others in your same field/industry. Several months ago, I met Sissy and she told me that she’s always loved photography as a hobby but she’s been recently interested in creating a side-business from home! Photography is such a fantastic field for those, like myself, who are workaholics but enjoy the comfort of home. Not to mention, Sissy has three boys, the youngest just 11 months old, so staying home is basically the only option!

But Sissy and I love to talk shop! She’s been an incredible affirmation to how much I’ve learned in the last year and she’s shown me how much I love this business and want to share it with others! Most of my learning has come free by talking with other people, Twitter, and reading lots and LOTS of other photographers’ blogs and websites.

So recently, Sissy invested in a bad-A camera setup! A Nikon D300s with an 18-200mm lens plus the SB900 flash! Like I said: BAD-A! So we decided to go out a couple weeks ago to break it in! And while we were out, I realized Sissy doesn’t have any pictures of herself with her camera! And when Sissy launches her website (soon-to-come!), she’s gonna need a portrait! So here are a few I snapped while we were out! We totally hopped a fence into a cattle field for these! It was awesome! Unfortunately, the cows were too far away so we couldn’t get any pictures with them. Maybe next time!

Sissy :: Just Because

Sissy :: Just Because

Sissy :: Just Because

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