Shyn+D’Angelo | Seattle, WA Love Shoot

Seattle, WA.

Right?! These two are great.

Shyn+D’Angelo are artists and completely brilliant together. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shyn at weddings and on personal projects. She is an incredible makeup artist, hair stylist, and on top of everything else, photographer! D’Angelo is an actor and carries himself with the quiet confidence similar to that of the late Heath Ledger. I believe he could be a secret genius.

We got together one morning to make these photos. Shyn+D’Angelo have been together for four years and have never had professional photos taken together. Long overdue, I say… Love shoots like these are hard to beat.

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  • Meredith S. says:

    I love her hair.

    And these shots KILL.

    Especially the one where they are blurred, kissing in the street. I lingered on that photo more than the others. It stopped me with its brilliance.

  • Okay, that chick looks like she has SO much personality. Can I be best friends with her??? And can I also have her hair? Love it, love it. Carly, your photos are AAAAAAAMAZING. I love this entire session.

  • Shyn Midili says:

    the funny thing is… this is REALLY us.. lol! captured on film, beautifully, perfectly, brilliantly… stamped in time by the amazing Carly

  • Ali says:

    All of the black and white ones are my favorite shots. So beautiful. This looks like a spunky, laugh-filled shoot, loads of fun!

  • Heather says:

    Oh wow!! These are so amazing! And for the record…. She has more personality than almost anyone I’ve ever met. Shyn and D are the bomb!!!!

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