San Juan, Puerto Rico / Travel Photos Just Because

SM_Puerto-Rico-1 SM_Puerto-Rico-2 SM_Puerto-Rico-3 SM_Puerto-Rico-4 SM_Puerto-Rico-5BW SM_Puerto-Rico-6 SM_Puerto-Rico-7BW SM_Puerto-Rico-8BW SM_Puerto-Rico-9BW SM_Puerto-Rico-10BW SM_Puerto-Rico-12BW SM_Puerto-Rico-13 SM_Puerto-Rico-14 SM_Puerto-Rico-15 SM_Puerto-Rico-16 SM_Puerto-Rico-17 SM_Puerto-Rico-18 SM_Puerto-Rico-19 SM_Puerto-Rico-20 SM_Puerto-Rico-21 SM_Puerto-Rico-22 SM_Puerto-Rico-27 SM_Puerto-Rico-24 SM_Puerto-Rico-23

So, the wedding season is wrapped and now I’m spending my days editing what’s left in my queue. Meanwhile, the holidays are quickly approaching and we’re squeezing in as much socializing as humanly possible (more than even I know how to handle). Here’s hoping for more personal work and fun projects during my “off” months! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everyone!

PS. No pigeons were harmed in the making of this blog post. 😉

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