Believe it or not, I had posted something a few days ago, updating on almost everything. Like my trip back to Seattle, Elise, school, and the like. Unfortunately, my roommate used the computer and closed the window I was using before I had a chance to hit “publish.”

She felt really bad about it. I forgave her. And we moved on. But I’ve only now had a real chance to rewrite what I’d previously intended to.


Seattle was amazing. Gorgeous, as always. Everything was as it should be. Family and friends were sights for sore eyes and I didn’t waste a moment to spend time with as many of them as I could. If you get the chance, check out flickr for photos. There are pictures from when I hung out with my brother and sister in Queen Anne and when I got to chill with Elise and her brother Jared.

I suppose I should mention, since I’m encouraging you to check out the photos, that there are also pictures from this past weekend. George came to visit and as you might have gathered from looking at the gallery… Yeah! Okay! So I tried to keep romantic relationships under wraps in the context of blogging, but turns out it’s a lot harder to keep confidential than originally thought! And from what I’ve concluded after reading Daniel’s comment, I guess people figured “something” was going on between us anyway! Regardless of people knowing, I’m still not going to talk about it very much. I’d like to keep stuff between George and myself as private as possible. Any questions, just email me. Otherwise, it’s none of anyone’s business! Am I right? Okay.

It was a fun weekend, to say the least. George, his sister Mary, and I went to downtown Chattanooga and went dancing. Yes, dancing! I’ve never gone dancing before and I have to say, it was pretty freaking awesome. I loved it! George’s birthday was on the 19th and since I was in Seattle at the time, we decided to celebrate this weekend. Dancing is cool, right? I mean, I wouldn’t mind going again sometime… Plus, there were people dressed in costumes and at one point, they played Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and well… I can’t deny how fun that whole scenerio was. Just picture it and you’ll see what I mean.

Other upcoming events?

Thanksgiving with George and roomies.
December wedding of my friend from Albany, Georgia.
Christmas and New Year’s celebration with friends, George and his family.

Wow. Time just doesn’t work the way it used to. This is getting out of control. We have to slow things down. I don’t think I can handle how quickly time passes now.

Don’t waste any time.

Go on.

Do something.

And don’t forget to breathe.

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