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I meant to post something yesterday but when I got home, I was zonked! But I hope everyone had a sparkling Fourth of July! Even I enjoyed myself, which is saying something since the last three or four Independence Days have been super depressing-slash-lame. It used to be my favorite holiday but these days, I see myself more as a citizen of humanity rather than a simple American. Regardless, it was really nice to celebrate the day with friends, which included binging on chips&salsa, Hebrew hot dogs, and chocolate cake! At one point, I had to step back and breathe because I was literally inhaling everything in front of me.

Moving on!

So my friend Rachel came to town yesterday and we realized something! We NEVER did a photoshoot together! Which was something we had meant to do since last October but our conflicting work and school schedules never allowed it! So while she was here, we took this chance to go romping through fields, discover rusty old cars, and LAUGH A LOT!

By the way, if you’re a high school senior in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area—We could totally do a shoot like this for your upcoming yearbook photo! Stay tuned for more pictures of Rachel and examples of AWESOME that take place when you’re in front of my camera!

So please enjoy this teaser photo from today’s shoot. Seriously, I get so energized during shoots like this. I’ve been up since 4:30am (because of work) but the anticipation of taking pictures got me so jazzed that I couldn’t take a nap when I got home. And then, after we got back from shooting, I couldn’t wait to look at them on my computer! And I’ve been playing with them ever since! Sleep, WHAT sleep?! I’ve got photos like THIS to play with!


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