Rachel+Sven-Erik / Bad Ass Wedding at Pike Place Market

Rachel+Sven-Erik had it right. They originally planned a big—like, BIG—wedding celebration this September but after a deep examination of their hearts, they scrapped everything for a small, intimate party in April with their closest family and friends. Moment after moment was special. Each toast that was given was heart-felt, inducing an overflow of laughter and tears. Frame after frame filled with emotion. I could never ask for more…

A huge shout out to Sonja Hunt for assisting that day. I’m so glad I could share this magical day with you.

Venue – Maximilien Restaurant at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.

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  • Carina says:

    *Sigh* this is so great. The intimacy of this was captured perfectly. Nice work!!

  • Rachel K says:

    After looking through those, I almost felt like I attended their wedding. Beautiful moments.

  • Sarah W says:

    SO GREAT! This seems like a dream wedding to shoot. Everything is so fabulous, and you have captured it so well. I love her black dress, such a bold choice and yet perfect, her little fur coat, the lanterns! Ahhhh my head is exploding! And at Pike Place? Perfection!

  • jenny l. says:

    I LOVE hearing about couples who have non-traditional weddings. It takes major balls and major character (personality? Is that the right word?). While scrolling through these I kept thinking, “those expressions!” Seriously, tons of emotion all over this wedding, your shots are money, Carly.

  • Mrs. Pettersen says:

    Wow. Just wow. What a wonderfully unique celebration to be a part of. I felt tears brimming in my eyes while looking at the pictures of her with the tear tracks and the bright as sun smile. 🙂 Truly a beautiful couple!

  • Baley says:

    Wow, Carly! I couldn’t decide what was most beautiful: the bride, the venue, or the photography. I decided it must be the photography because you captured the beauty of everything so well! What an awesome wedding and photos!

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