Post Bah-Hum-Bug.

Spring semester starts tomorrow. A new year, a second start. I’m readying myself, listening to Wilco and picking out something “trendy” to wear. Those two activities are so contradictory to each other. Wow.

All this New Year business has started to grate my nerves, actually. Everyone’s talking about their “good feeling about 2006!” and they appear to be getting off to a great start. No offense to you, the optimist, I just haven’t had my chance to give it a solid, swift kick. My misery is justified, so please don’t fuss.

Although most will disagree with me, I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions, but coincidentally, have recently decided to make new, some different, choices.

Perfect example. I’m tired of not recycling. People around here don’t recycle. I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing, a Tennessee thing, or if it’s just this city. But people here do not recycle. Everything. Every last thing. Paper, plastic, aluminum–everything goes in the trash! And I really don’t know why it hasn’t itched it’s way under my skin until now. So I’ve located some recycling centers in the area. The nearest one is almost 30 minutes away, but I’m doing it. Of course I won’t be a nut about it, turn vegan and start weaving daisies into my hair. But I’m going to encourage it. It feels lazy and uncaring towards the earth otherwise. And I’m fully aware how corny that sounds.

Maybe a few lights have turned on in my head. It feels like there are certain things that should take place and I think too many of us leave them to the rest of the world, counting ourselves exempt of the responsibilities of humanity. Myself included.

Take care of the planet. That should be so obvious. How dumb am I?

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