Sometimes (like just now) I have to stop and ask myself “What is it about photography? Why am I endlessly fascinated with it?” – Jeremy Cowart on Twitter, June 5, 2009

Lately, I’ve been wondering what it means to be a photographer and what it means for me. I’ve always been a detail person. Growing up, I think I was oblivious to things in front of me because I was too distracted by whatever was going on in the background. So while people might think stuff was flying over my head, I was just noticing the things they wouldn’t. I liken it to a football game—while everyone is watching the players crash into each other, I’m too busy watching the crowd in the stands.

Because people are so beautiful to me. And fascinating. In some way, I crave their tiny imperfections. As a photographer, I want to interpret their unique characteristics to the world. I want to translate who they are and in so doing, know who I am as well…

And now I’m getting all hypometaphorithetical (<—MADE IT UP!) so I better just cut to the goods:

Abi, you are the Win!

There will be more of this gorgeous baby girl in the next few days! I just couldn’t resist sharing this one with you! It’s like she knows how cool she is or something!

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