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I love a good love story. I won’t lie… I’m a bit of a sucker for romantic comedies and there’s nothing quite like a good cry. So when I first learned the story behind Heidi’s long distance, long-term romance with Petter, I was all verklempt! She’s American, he’s Australian. They met in Thailand when both their families were there doing missionary work (I think that’s right…) when she was 16 and he was 17. They’ve been together and in love ever since! They’re getting married in South Carolina next month and we are SO excited for that day to come!

So I hope you enjoy this tiny glimpse into Heidi+Petter’s time-tested love with these super cute, fun, and uber romantic photos.

I’m pretty excited about this next series. During one of our consults, Heidi and I got to talking about the wedding details and themes. She mentioned how trees and what they represent are really important to her and Petter. She showed me a picture of the wedding venue and after seeing it, I’m just a tad bit excited to make beautiful photos there. So, in honor of that appreciation, George and I set out to find an awesome looking tree in the area where we could tie that theme into their engagement session. Trespassing aside, I was pretty happy with what we found…

The light on this day was incredible simply because we were outrunning a heavy rainstorm. The wind gusted and the clouds loomed behind us while the diffused light was absolutely perfect! My favorite kind of light! And you wonder why I love Seattle so much? 😉

Around this time, the storm finally caught up with us and we escaped back to the  car… Of course, I was still itching for more of these two and their sweet chemistry… So…

Omigosh, I love you guys so much!!! And I cannot wait for your wedding!

*  *  * And now for some announcements! Or, updates? Or just information in general? Either way, here’s some more stuff… *  *  *

I just wanted to let people in the Seattle area know that I’m still booking and quite open this wedding season. The move across the country prevented more bookings until I knew more about our living situation. Now that we’re here, we are proceeding with business as usual! And we’re feeling pretty freakin’ awesome about it!

So if you’re a potential bride or groom and you have questions, you can fill out the wedding form under the “For Wedding Clients” tab above or you can email your inquiries and questions to!

You have no idea how excited we are to be here! I got sick just one day after we arrived, so I am excited to feel better and hit downtown Seattle as much as possible! So if anyone feels like a shoot down by the dock? The Market, perhaps? Let’s do it!

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