Peace & Envy

Against my will, I had to go to the DMV to obtain a new driver’s license. The DMV is on my Top Five Most Hated Places In The Universe list. However, on my way there, I happened upon—by chance!—an absolutely gorgeous field! So I pulled off and did some exploring, macro-ing, and dreaming of future photoshoots there!

I uploaded these as soon as I got home and as I was browsing through them, I stopped on the photo below…


Lately, I’ve been resenting my job (as lucky as I am to have one) because I feel like it steals away precious time I could be doing what I love—taking pictures! So I stopped to look at this stalk of wheat and felt two things: 1) peaceful, because it pleasantly sits in the same place everyday without any cares or worries and it generally experiences no harm, and 2) envious, because it probably loves every single day because every single day is exactly what it wants. And I want every single day! I want every single day to have purpose, joy, and fulfillment and that just isn’t happening working five days a week, eight hours per day, serving coffee at the local Starbucks!


Anyway… Here’s a few more. If you like the way this field looks, contact me and let’s go take some pictures there!







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  • Ellee says:

    Carly, I am loving the photography! Glad you are ‘diving’ in – I am excited to see where God leads you in this.

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