Patrick + Lauren / Seattle Picnic Engagement

I’m not even sure where to begin with these two… From the moment we met, I knew it was something special. We sat in my favorite neighborhood coffee shop and talked for two hours… And the only reason we parted was because it was getting late and I figured George was worried about when I was ever coming home. On top of being two of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing, these two share a love that is straight up perfect. They met at a Halloween party and their first date was baking cookies together. So when we planned the engagement shoot, Patrick+Lauren started tossing ideas my way, ideas I’ve always wanted to try!

“We were hoping to incorporate baking and picnics into our shoot—is that okay?”
“Um… YES!”
“It’s just that our first date was baking cookies and we seriously have picnics together all the time… Like, ALL THE TIME.”
“I say again… YES!!!”

So at the home of Lauren’s parents, these two baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and then packed a sweet picnic for the park. And if they weren’t awesome enough, afterward, P+L treated me to a delicious meal at Portage Bay Café. I mean, did I score or what?!

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