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Can you imagine being a full-time student, working 30 hours a week (or more), planning a wedding, and coordinating a move into an apartment all less than six months from now?

Well, I am that person.

How do weddings get planned to begin with? I really haven’t a clue how to even start. I’m still waiting on the green light when it comes to our venue and when my wedding organizer asks to fill in a budget, I really don’t see one. We don’t have money and we don’t have any clue about how to ask for some. My parents are giving us a great deal, especially since they’ve offered to pay for our honeymoon. But to ask them for more just feels wrong. So I’m trying to figure out other means of paying for all this.

In the meantime, I’m going to school, working almost every weeknight, and trying to work it out so I can move back into my old apartment. All this in a few short months from now.

Although, I did win a photo contest at school this month and I was awarded $25 for it… It helped pay our cable bill.

So I guess that helps.

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