Our Big Adventure to Dublin, London, & Paris

This year, George and I decided to go on a “big adventure” to the UK and France. We waited until wedding season had wrapped and then we were off! Because here’s the truth…
We’re having a baby!
Yup, that’s right! I’m due in February (gender to remain a surprise), and we decided there were a couple cities we really wanted to visit before it became tough to do so. So here are some lovely images from the 10 days we spent traveling between Dublin, London, and Paris (and back to Dublin again), all taken with a Fuji Xt-1, borrowed from a lovely friend. This trip was an absolute dream and I truly hope we can visit again in the not-too-distant future. From horseback riding through Wicklow National Park, to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, the Eiffel Tower and back… We’ll never forget the time we spent in each city and  the closeness we felt in this surreal time in our lives.

SM_BigAdventure-1 SM_BigAdventure-2 SM_BigAdventure-3 SM_BigAdventure-2BW SM_BigAdventure-4 SM_BigAdventure-10 SM_BigAdventure-7 SM_BigAdventure-6BW SM_BigAdventure-5 SM_BigAdventure-16 SM_BigAdventure-19 SM_BigAdventure-20 SM_BigAdventure-21 SM_BigAdventure-22 SM_BigAdventure-24 SM_BigAdventure-26 SM_BigAdventure-27 SM_BigAdventure-30 SM_BigAdventure-31 SM_BigAdventure-32 SM_BigAdventure-34BW SM_BigAdventure-39 SM_BigAdventure-38 SM_BigAdventure-35BW SM_BigAdventure-40BW SM_BigAdventure-42 SM_BigAdventure-48BW SM_BigAdventure-49 SM_BigAdventure-51 SM_BigAdventure-53 SM_BigAdventure-54 SM_BigAdventure-56BW SM_BigAdventure-62 SM_BigAdventure-63 SM_BigAdventure-64 SM_BigAdventure-65 SM_BigAdventure-66 SM_BigAdventure-67BW SM_BigAdventure-68BW SM_BigAdventure-69 SM_BigAdventure-70 SM_BigAdventure-71BW SM_BigAdventure-74 SM_BigAdventure-75 SM_BigAdventure-76 SM_BigAdventure-83 SM_BigAdventure-86 SM_BigAdventure-89 SM_BigAdventure-87 SM_BigAdventure-88BW SM_BigAdventure-94 SM_BigAdventure-95 SM_BigAdventure-110 SM_BigAdventure-108 SM_BigAdventure-99 SM_BigAdventure-106 SM_BigAdventure-104 SM_BigAdventure-96

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