No Place Like Home.

Typing at a rapid pace on Friday, I found myself in a meditative state. While my conscious was at work, my subconscious was concentrating entirely on ambition. How it varies between persons and how one individual’s ambition can be set so much higher (or so much lower) than another’s.

How does someone get to be 50 years old and be working as a manager of a Wendy’s? Or not even? Was that their life’s ambition? Or did a choice they made in their past lead them down that path to which they could not find the way off? Did they want to find a way off? Was it their education? Was it their family? Are they happy doing this or do they desire something more?

Personally, I’d go crazy. But there are people I have met whose goals in life are not to get the highest paying job. They desire no power, no wealth, and no status. Only the simpler things. Like staying in the same place they grew up their whole life because it’s home and there’s no place like home. So they work wherever at doing whatever because it doesn’t matter, so long as they get to stay home. If they can do that, they are content. Their happiness is fulfilled. Because there ambitions stop at home.

Would we have managers of Wendy’s or garbage men or truck drivers or hotel desk clerks or telemarketers if everyone’s ambition was to be the Executive CEO of some international powerhouse company with an office at the top of a skyscraper in New York City? I don’t think so.

If there’s something you want and you want it bad enough, it’s extremely difficult not to get it. Forget how much it would cost or how much you would need to sacrifice – none of that matters when what you want is more important than how much you have in your wallet. It will take time and it will take effort, but if it will make you happy, it hardly seems like work at all.

Do you honestly believe that I could sit at a desk for the next 20 years working in finance and be happy the whole time doing it? No… But if it’ll help me get closer to what I really want, then I’m ecstatic. There’s nothing better than knowing that each day, you’re that much closer to what makes you truly happy. It’s there, you can see it. You simply have to work to get there. And it feels so good once you’ve accomplished your goal. Because not only will it finally be made a reality, but you’ll have worked your tail off to get it. Thereby making it something very well deserved.

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