New York City / Some Frames

Went to New York City last weekend. It was my first time ever. I got to meet a couple online friends for the first time and visit with a couple others I haven’t seen in several years. I made some photos and walked more in four days than I’ve walked in a whole year.

I can actually feel the season winding down… I have a lot in store for the fall and winter months but it has nothing to do with taking photos. I’ll go on holiday starting November 5th and will take a break until the New Year. I’ll spend that time at the gym, with friends, with family, reminding myself of the things I love outside the photography realm. I’m really looking forward to it.

Heading to San Francisco on Saturday. I’ll do some shooting, some visiting, and return on Tuesday. My last wedding of the year is next weekend and it’s gonna be a sweet one. And as this season comes to an end, next season is already in the works. It’s amazing how that happens.

I love my job, guys. When I replay the last two years… It’s a feeling like woah.

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