Maria+Dan | Monroe, WA Engagement

I was really excited when Maria+Dan found me. When we first sat down to talk about their wedding, I knew right away it was going to be a good one. These two have fun together, joke around, and never take themselves too seriously. My favorite kind of couple.

We shot these photos early in the morning on the beautiful acreage where Maria+Dan live. We walked all over the property, just hanging out and trying to keep warm. We also had their dog, “Bear”, doing laps around the pastures and even jumping into the freezing creek that runs through the property. He definitely kept us entertained!

Pumped about your wedding in February, guys!

A quick side note—I just want to point out that I really loved this session because of the “in between moments” that were captured as Maria, Dan, and I interacted with each other. Some people wonder why I post the photos that are “imperfect” or the ones that seem less thought out and the truth is, they are my favorites. The ones where someone makes an odd face or when their hair gets in their eyes and they brush it away… Those are the tiny moments that capture you exactly as you are, in that millisecond, and they’re the ones that will matter 100 years from now when your photos end up in some random antique store and anyone who sees it will read in that photo, “This was us. We were here. We mattered.” Of course, antique stores will all be online by then, but in 100 years, I won’t care so much.


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  • Stacy Deeble-Reynolds says:

    Beautiful, as always! I will again tell you that I am first on your list for family photos when you visit So CA next. Got it, girlie? XOXO

  • Love these! Love the in betweens. And LOVE your gifs. 🙂

  • Gemma Carr says:

    Oh that reflection shot – I almost melted. LOVE.
    How do you to that gif thing? It’s bloody great!

  • Tammy says:

    Awesome photos! I agree! Love the in betweens! Not a big fan of any pics that are too posey-posey. The in betweens capture the essence of every moment and capture the most authentic reactions and expressions and you can sort of relive the moment through their eyes. That’s why I love the idea of First Looks. Big fan of your photos!

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