Justin&Mary Marantz’s “Spread the Love” Contest!

Alright you guys. Here’s the deal. This is Justin&Mary Marantz, a fantastic husband&wife photography team whose work I’ve been following (via their blog) for quite some time now. Today, they started their uber-boss, biotchin’ contest for choosing 20 cities which they will visit based on OUR recommendations! How cool is that?! I’ve already commented on their contest’s blog post and suggested Nashville or Atlanta since I’m sitting cozily about halfway between both. But if you’re looking to meet some great photographers (and just great people in general!) and a chance to ask questions, be sure to head over there and put your vote in! They’ve got some amazing prizes lined up and I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind just a sliver of that amazing pie! Or pancake, which you can personally ask Justin or Mary about. 😉

So don’t be surprised when you see me shamelessly plugging this contest on Twitter for the next week and a half. I’ve wanted to attend photography seminars so I can figure this whole “photography business” business out and this might be an actual opportunity! And if I’m able to win and go for FREE (because I’m just a Starbucks barista living paycheck to paycheck), then that would be even more fantastic! I’m gonna do everything I can to win! Will you?! Let’s see what you got!

Go ahead! Spread the Love!

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