Madie | 2011 Senior Rep Model

Have you gotten tired of seniors yet?

ME NEITHER! I mean, weddings are my favorite, but working with these seniors has been something fresh and new and so rewarding. Working one-on-one with people is definitely a nice break from the crazy crowds that weddings can bring, but they still take practice.

Madie is my last Senior Rep Model (at least, for now) and I’m really excited to share her photos with you. She is a beautiful girl and she knows how to strike a pose. I mean, she’s got that fierce look that I’m sure she uses at her softball games when she’s staring down the pitcher, waiting to swing her bat… Like, You really wanna throw that ball? Go ahead. I DARE YOU.

And then POW! Grand slam. Just like her face. 😀

This is an image I’ve had in my head for a while. Sooooo happy with it. 😀

So this was not originally the outfit Madie had planned to wear but there was a wardrobe malfunction, so she changed into a simple black tank and we rolled with it…

But then we collaborated and were able to remedy the malfunction, so Madie changed into the white dress she’d originally planned on wearing. 🙂

Another quick outfit and location change. Love it! And oooooOOooOooOOoooo…

Sunflare-gasm. 😀

Madie’s mom took us up to the balcony of her office building and it was great! What an awesome view!

The wind wasn’t exactly agreeing with us at first…

Eventually, we got it right. 🙂

Madie, I had so much fun getting to know you and your mom! Good luck with the rest of your summer softball league and to the coming last year of high school! I’m looking forward to hearing all about your activities, although I might get exhausted just listening to it all… You are one busy girl!

Next up, some epic family amazingness! Gah… So blessed. 🙂

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