Lorelei + Josh / The Story / Quirky Festive Wedding at Urban Light Studios

Lorelei+Josh describe themselves as “awkward”… I’d like to modify that statement and say these two are “awkwardly awesome”! Lorelei+Josh planned a multicultural American/Taiwanese¬†wedding with a little Latin flavor thrown in. Originally, Lorelei wanted to have a mariachi band during the reception, but sadly, it just couldn’t work out. However, the colorful decor and festive energy totally made up for it!

How cute was it that when we told Josh to turn around to see Lorelei, he only turned 90 degrees and didn’t even notice his bride standing right next to him? And then, when he made the full turn, his shocked expression made it that much sweeter! And how about Lorelei and her polka dot wedding dress and polka dot reception dress? Sweet, quirky, and totally adorable.

Did you see Lorelei+Josh’s wedding portraits?!

Venue – Urban Light Studios in Seattle, WA
Hair/Makeup РShyn Midili with Pacific Brides (Book her for your date soon! She is in high demand!)

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