Let’s have a contest!

In case you’re interested, this is my Google Reader. It is open 24/7 on my computer. I check (and recheck) it throughout my day and it pretty much looks like this constantly:

This is how I get my education.

These are photographers’ blog/RSS feeds to which I religiously subscribe. Maybe you’re not into that sort of thing but this is how I educate myself and gain inspiration! Pretty much, looking at new pictures everyday makes me so much happier.

Mmkay. So I was thinking about all this inspiring education I’ve been getting and I randomly got inspired! So random, I know. But hear me out!

I’ve decided to hold a little contest for engaged couples living in the greater Chattanooga/Atlanta area! I have decided to give away one free engagement shoot to a lucky couple. But that’s not all! This engagement shoot will take place at the beautiful Tennessee Aquariummy treat!—located in downtown Chattanooga! So what do you have to do? Simply: send me your story. I wanna know how you and your “soon-to-be” got together, fell in love, and all that schmoozy stuff we love to read about! So write it all down and submit it using my contact page or email it to carly@carlybish.com. And then, two weeks from now, me and a couple of romantically-inclined friends will sit down, share a box of Kleenex, and have a vote!

All this free stuff makes me want to take it just a bit further. How about a free wallet of your 8 favorite photos and a $50 credit toward your print order? Yeah, okay, cool beans!

Okay? And go!

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