Let’s Get Personal

I just wrote several paragraphs and deleted them.

Then I wrote more paragraphs and deleted those too…

I’m not sure what I want to say today.

I want to blog more but that means blogging (at least sometimes) about personal stuff.

This is what I wanna say:

  1. Mom/Me
  2. My sister, Cassie/Dad, when he was a cop
  3. My brother, Kyle/Me, when I played softball

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  • Gemma Carr says:

    OMG You and your mum are twins, yep. (in a mother daughter way)
    Carly, you write from a place that’s very sincere, uninhibited and honest. I like that.

    P.S I used to have those overalls too, highly practical AND fashionable – that’s a fashion win!

  • Dorothy says:

    carly! thanks for posting. you rule. i would love to meet you one of these days 😉 sometimes I feel like blogging too but have nothing to say either…

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