Krista+Justin / Seattle, WA Spring Engagement

It’s my favorite time of year for photos and I was so glad to be out shooting with Krista+Justin on the second day of Spring last week. These two are the sweetest kind of couple. I always love reading the inquiries I find in my inbox because of the responses I get in the “Tell me your story” part of my contact form. This is what Krista wrote in that box:

I proposed to Justin in our kitchen one morning before work. I had just taken a shower and was looking for coffee when he gathered me into one of the tenderest hugs I’d ever felt.  I leaned up toward his ear, whispering “will you marry me?” As surprised as he was, he pulled back to look me in the eyes. He was sparkly with happiness–raising his hands in the air, he began jumping around saying “Yes,” “Yes,” “Yes.” We had became engaged six months after our first date.

I mean… Doesn’t that just make your heart swell?

Their wedding is taking place at a beautiful location called Wellspring Spa this July and I could not be more excited to capture the joy they have in each other.

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