Krista + Justin / The Story / Mountain Wedding at Wellspring Spa

Ever heard of the “5 love languages”? Well these two have a love language all their own… The love language of pranks. Krista even pranked Shyn, her hair and makeup artist, before the wedding, with a good old fashioned Rick Roll!

So to love K+J back, their guests had pranks lined up at different parts of the wedding. Like rice finding it’s way into every crevice the day before, following the rehearsal dinner—rice in clothing, rice in the bed, rice in the toothpaste bottle! And on the wedding day, K+J planned to have Justin’s brother come out dressed as a “Tequila Sasquatch”, wearing an old army camouflage getup and pouring tequila shots for the guests. However, Krista’s brother one-up’d everyone when he came out dressed as the REAL Sasquatch and got his dance on with everyone! Completely shocked us all! Even when the night was done and my wonderful second shooter, Jenny, and I went to grab our things from K+J’s room, we walked in on two of the guests Suran-wrapping the bed and covering it in water balloons. I only wish I could have seen their faces when they finally arrived to go to sleep that night… If loving K+J means pranking them, they are loved on an epic scale.

You can see Krista+Justin’s wedding day portraits HERE!

And huge thank you to Jenny for joining me that day! Some of her frames are in the mix!

Venue – Wellspring Spa in Ashford, WA
Hair/Makeup – Shyn Midili of Pacific Brides (my favorite!)

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