Krisha + Stefan / 50s Style Wedding at EM Art Gallery Teaser

SM_Maslyk--1 SM_Maslyk--3 SM_Maslyk--4BW SM_Maslyk--7 SM_Maslyk--8 SM_Maslyk--11BW SM_Maslyk--12 SM_Maslyk--13 SM_Maslyk--14 SM_Maslyk--15 SM_Maslyk--16 SM_Maslyk--19BW SM_Maslyk--26 SM_Maslyk--21 SM_Maslyk--23 SM_Maslyk--25 SM_Maslyk--27 SM_Maslyk--29BW SM_Maslyk--30BW SM_Maslyk--31


Thank you to Emily from Manette Gracie Weddings & Events for making K+S’s day so spectacularly lovely.

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