Khanh | 2011 Senior Rep Model

Say “hey” to Khanh! Another carlybish photography 2011 Senior Rep model! She is sweet, fun, and her smile melts faces (but only in the best way)! When I asked her if there was anywhere special we could go for her photoshoot, she said, “The beach!”

Of course, the beach isn’t always easy to get to here in Seattle, so Khanh suggested the Kirkland Waterfront as an easy alternative. I was really excited about this idea as I absolutely LOVE it there! I lived in Kirkland for a year shortly after I graduated high school and would venture to the waterfront on early, early mornings to take pictures of random things like birds, rocks, and boats… It was one of the places where I really started exploring my love for photography. So good move, Khanh!

Khanh had her makeup and hair styled by Shyn, from Pacific Artistry. They are a super cool company that does everything on location! As in, they come to your door and do your hair and makeup right there in your home! Pretty freakin’ awesome! I’ll be using their services often, that’s for sure. I was so happy with how Khanh looked and I think she was too…

So without further ado… Er… adieu?… Whatever! Here’s Khanh!

(Gosh, I love this girl’s style… Sheesh! So cute!)

The waterfront was such a good idea! Check out the “water flare” that showed up in camera! It’s so magical, I love it!

Skirt with pockets! SKIRT. WITH. POCKETS.

Khanh, I heart your cuteness, k? And a big shout-out to Khanh’s mom for being my assistant for the day! She was a major help and a huge source of entertainment.

I loved everything about this shoot. All while I was going through the images, I couldn’t stop smiling. I am so stinkin’ blessed. For realsies.

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