Katie + Ryan / Rustic Industrial Wedding at the Fremont Foundry

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Let me tell you about Katie + Ryan… They are two of the most gracious, kind, and easygoing couples I’ve ever had the privilege of working with… These two truly allowed me to do what I do best and I’ve never felt more appreciated. In fact, at one point, I think I told them to quit thanking me so much or it was gonna go to my head! Truly, the generosity and love these two share for each other and for their family and friends was overwhelming. Bottom line–these two are special. And I couldn’t have been more thankful to be the one capturing their gorgeous day.

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Katie, who came to help capture some of the details and ceremony of the day; a few of her frames are in the mix. Also, props to Katie (yes, a third and different Katie) of Wonderstruck Event Design for the stunning decor.

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