Just Shy of the Overdraft.

You know those times when you’re just not where you’d like to be financially? Technically, I’m up to date and nothing is past due. But I’d really like to put gas in my car or buy groceries and I can’t because everything else has paid for things like rent, utilities, and cable. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, because I’ll have tip money, which will go into my checking account to ensure that I don’t overdraft. I have never overdrafted and I think I’m a day or two away from doing so. You know it’s bad when you’ve never overdrafted and you’re counting on $20 worth of tips to save you.

I’d really love to sell paintings again.

Even more, I’d really like to take pictures and get paid for them. Like weddings and other events. But my Nikon is still out of commission and from what it looks like, will be indefinitely. So I’ll need to purchase a new camera. And that’s completely out of the question at this point. Maybe for Christmas? My birthday? I really don’t know.

I just wish I had some way of supplementing my income conveniently. I’ve thought about putting one of those “donate” buttons on both blogs, but honestly? Who ever donates? It’s just not dependable.

Anyway. On a better note, I did have a really great weekend! George came to visit with his sister and it was so nice having him here. I didn’t realize how badly I missed him until after he came back. We just hung out, watched movies, and ate food while he was here, but it was great in every way. After he left, Christy-Anne asked me if I had fun with him and I told her I did, but she could see it was bittersweet for me. And then she said something that I hadn’t really realized before, but it hit home how true it was…

“He makes you feel at home,” she said.

And I suddenly realized how much he does. Because of all the stuff we do together and the fun we have… I really do feel more at home and at ease here in the South when he’s around. And I guess that contributes to my angst when he’s away. All the more reason why I hope he’s able to move back in January.

Now that would be a great birthday present!

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