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I love it when two people are truly meant for each other. Jenna+Jay were married in January and the week leading up to their big day was a crazy one. Snowpocalypse 2012 really made time stop here in Seattle. Very few people left their homes and if they did, they did it on skis. Flights were canceled and cars were abandoned… Two days before their wedding, with last minute location changes and other crazy last minute planning, Jenna emailed me, saying, “No matter what happens, we’re still getting married this Saturday… Even if we have to eat KFC chicken and sit on the floor. We’re still going to partaaaaay!” What a great attitude—love her for that.

Be sure to check out Jenna+Jay’s portraits from their wedding day, too!

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  • J Shoda says:

    Best cake-mashing shots I’ve seen in a long time. Nicely done yo.

  • Carly! We love you! You’re awesome! (and George too). Thank you sooooo much for capturing the special moments of our wedding day. We love the frosting-smash shots! And when we viewed our photos together and played the slideshow, we were so touched that you used our first dance song as the background music. We cried and laughed and cried some more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. *awkward hugs*

  • Ali M says:

    Carly, I love your unique touch with the sketch/drawing at the beginning of your posts!! Also, can’t wait to see their portraits!

  • DeAnn says:

    Jenna and Jay’s wedding truly reflected who they are as individuals and as a couple, and you truly captured that with these photos!

  • Sick dance moves, CB. Nice pictures, too!

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