Java-Junkie Review.

Review: Java Junkie, Funky and Cool
The following is my second submission to Lee’s newspaper, “The Clarion”. Enjoy.

With my 100 per cent fruit, no-sugar-added strawberry smoothie, I situated myself in the most comfortable place at “Java Junkie”, which is the big, comfy sofa chair near the front window. Oh, the splendor! Oh, the glory of its kooshy-ness! Immediately comfortable, I assumed the role of the wallflower, listening quietly to pleasant conversation and floating in dreamy thought. In this place, it’s easy to meditate or think about everything and nothing in particular. There should be more places like this.

I observed the decor, noting the Mexican theme throughout the coffeehouse with pale orange walls, wrought iron pieces and tile flooring. To my right, a series of three photos hang–a burro, the Mexican desert, and a cactus–and when I look left, I notice live cacti at the entrance, welcoming customers as they come in. Occasionally, a sudden burst of thirsty customers will arrive. They crowd around the glass display, anxious to smell the coffee brewing from behind the counter and to salivate over the pastries. “Java Junkie Junkies,” you might call them. Veterans of the “Junkie” menu.

Someone orders, “I’ll have the Iced Raspberry Mocha, please.”

Wow. That sounded scrumptious. I might try that next time.

I reached for a magazine resting on the large coffee table in front of me. Bride Magazine. I plopped it down and shuffled through the others. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to choose from. I recoiled into my seat and reached for a book from my bag. I sipped my smoothie and read, periodically lifting my head to observe others and their drinks.

An emphasis must be placed on the assortment of drinks, both coffee related and not. Personally, I prefer the smoothies. I have a palate partial to fruit. However, there is no doubt coffee lovers will leave here satisfied. There are mochas and frappes you may not find at other coffeehouses. At least, none that taste this great. It should also be noted, “Java Junkie” has a back room containing more sofa chairs with cup holders in the armrests. They are lined up side by side and it is rumored one can relax and watch a movie here. I did not have a fair chance to try this myself, but you can count on it.

In such a soulful and charming little café, it impossible not to enjoy oneself. But of course, like all good things, they must come to an end. Disappointed upon finding nothing left but strawberry seeds at the bottom of my cup, I collected my things and said farewell to the big, comfy sofa chair.

Until we meet again…

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