It’s October!

So I know I haven’t been super active here on the blog but I just wanted to say how excited I am that October is finally here! For some reason, I have been anticipating this month like a kid waiting on Christmas! There’s a lot of cool stuff about to make it’s way here to the blog, including a wedding of one of our best friends to the love of his life, which is next weekend! I’m super pumped about it! And then, in the following weeks, I’ve got a few different family shoots lined up, an engagement shoot, a bridal portrait shoot, and into the first week of November, I’ve got another wedding! Oh snap!

Leaves are finally starting to turn over here. Some a lot faster than others. Here’s a photo of a couple cool ones I found outside my apartment. Straight out of my camera…

Fall has arrived!

Stay tuned for some great images! Soon to come!

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