It’s Like I’m Living in a Dream World!

My new roommate is a pixie! Look at her! Doesn’t she look like she could throw on a green dress and fly away leaving a trail of pixie-dust behind her? Yeah, I know! She’s like magic!

We found a house to move into! It’s so awesome. Four bedrooms and two stories. Hardwood floors throughout, a fireplace with bookshelves in the walls. The entire house is really classic looking, like it’s been around for a while. I’m going to paint the living room this color and the kitchen something else. The living arrangements are going to rock too. Christy-Anne and Jeanette (I’ll introduce you to her soon, too) are going to take the downstairs bedrooms and I’m going to take the two–that’s right! two!–that are upstairs! Both Christy-Anne and Jeanette proposed excellent reasons as to why they wanted the bedrooms downstairs and I actually preferred the ones above, so it all worked out! And I don’t have to pay any more than they do just because I’m getting two rooms! And they will be fun to paint as well. I’ve decided to turn one room into my study-music-art room and the other into my bedroom. At only $725 a month (that’s about $240 between the three of us!), it really can’t be beat!

You know what else is awesome? I don’t even have to say “goodbye” to the apartment I’m moving out of because my great friend Jeremy is going to move into it! And since he and I are writing music together quite frequently these days, I’ll be over here jamming with him all the time! How great, because I really loved living here.

Oh! And since we found this awesome house to move into, did I mention that this week, I received a raise at work? Yeah! I was given my first six-month review and got an awesome score, so they gave me a raise! I must say, it compliments my medical, dental, and stock option plans quite well!

It’s amazing how things work out so perfectly when you just wait for the “okay” from God. I can honestly say that is how I’ve been doing things for the last four months and it’s like He’s doing the work for me! All I have to do is pay attention and God delivers. Highly recommended.

And once again, I have to point out Christy-Anne’s pixieness! I can’t get over how gorgeous she is! How can I not love her?! If you only knew her story… You’d call her a pixie too!

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