Isabelle+Greg | The Story | Waianae, Hawaii Wedding at the Turtle House

Let me tell you some absolute truths I hold in my heart about weddings…

Weddings should be planned based on gut instincts. However far-fetched, untraditional, juvenile, or seemingly “anti-wedding” those instincts may be…

I don’t care who signs the checks, the opinions of the bride and the groom are truly the only ones that matter.

Tears should be left untouched. Your makeup and hair can be fixed later.

Isabelle+Greg lived their wedding. Originally, they planned a church ceremony and as they started to form plans, the more those plans started to feel all wrong. So when Greg called his mother and asked, “What do you think of a destination wedding in Hawaii?”, she replied, “Sounds great!” And that was that.

Thank you, Isabelle+Greg, for blessing us with your wedding, embracing George and me like family. We enjoyed every unforgettable minute of that beautiful week with you.

Make sure to check out Isabelle+Greg’s lovely wedding day portraits too!

Venue – The Turtle HouseĀ 
Music – Randy Allen

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